Cannabis Law

Have you recently become the owner of a cannabis dispensary? Or are you in the process of opening a new one? There are many important legal issues. This is because, of all the different businesses you could open, a cannabis dispensary is naturally one of the most controversial and contentious.

Get Assistance from Insurance Brokers in Fairbanks AK

Cannabis law is a very complex and sometimes convoluted issue that requires a close explanation. In addition, if you are going to be opening a new cannabis dispensary, you’re going to need insurance. The insurance policy that you take out for your dispensary should take account of the following factors:

  • product liability
  • delivery of the product
  • growing the crop
  • cultivating the crop
  • testing multiple strains at your personal laboratory

These are issues that will require a strong and very efficient policy of insurance to cover. For this reason, we recommend that you speak to us today. We are a leading firm of insurance brokers in Fairbanks AK. Our goal is to help you get the coverage you need to make your new cannabis operation a success.

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