Insurance by Trade: What Coverage Is Recommended?

insurance coverage

If you are an electrician, plumber, carpenter, or other person skilled in a trade, you have put much time and effort into building up your business. However, like with any other business, you can find yourself suddenly facing many unpleasant surprises. Whether this involves a legal complaint from a customer or an injury that forces you off the job for an extended period of time, it is these and other situations where having various types of insurance can be beneficial. To get the coverage needed for yourself, turn to Fairbanks AK insurance brokers at Hale & Associates.

General Liability
For any business owner, general liability insurance is very important to protect their business. It will also help in cases involving slander and libel.

Commercial Property

With this type of insurance, you will be providing protection to the place where you do business. Our Fairbanks AZ insurance brokers can go over these details with you, as well as help you determine your best options moving forward.

Business Income Insurance
While chances are you will be able to perform your duties for many years without incident, the fact is accidents can and do happen. Because of this, always carry business income insurance. By doing so, your policy will cover loss of income should you not be able to run your business due to various types of property damage, such as from a natural disaster or other event.

If you need to purchase new policies or perhaps have your current policies updated, schedule an appointment as soon as possible with Fairbanks AK insurance brokers at Hale & Associates.