Reasons Why You Should Get a Company Driver Policy

driving policyAccidents are becoming common as a result of reckless driving. With driver policy, reckless-driving associated cases are reduced as drivers become more responsible reducing road accidents.

Employees driving company vehicles must observe safety, traffic, and criminal laws of the state. The purpose of the driver policy is to ensure the safety of the individuals driving the company vehicle as well as providing guidance on proper use of an organization vehicle. Road accidents are costly and may injure you and other people. With driver policy, it is the responsibility of the driver to operate the vehicle reliably and drive defensively to prevent damages and personal injuries.


Driver policy is one of the wise risk management tools that are at your disposal. Remember, you are entrusting your employees with multi-ton trucks bearing your company’s name. Driver policy shows your insurer and drivers that you are serious and keen on protecting your property.

Reduced Claims

Driver policy helps reduce claims as well as keeping safety in the minds of your employees. The risk management plans that you put in place will be helpful in controlling claims and premiums. Today, exposure to catastrophic events is on the rise. At the same time, accidents are occurring at a more frequent rate and the value of compensation is increasing. With a driver policy, the driver is careful, and such accidents are reduced.

Reduced Fuel Costs

Petrol and diesel prices have been increasing for the last couple of years. Drivers signed on a driver policy are careful and drive within the set speed limits, thus keeping consumption on manageable levels. Hale & Associates Inc. to get all your driver policy requirements handled.

Attitude Change

The attitude you take when you are behind the wheel is an essential factor in ensuring safe driving. Drivers who are signed to a driver policy are always careful and cannot consume alcohol or illegal drugs while driving the company vehicle, or before their shift if such consumptions would affect their judgment while on the job.

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