The Ins and Outs Workers Compensation

workers compensationWhat Is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is a form of insurance designed to cover people when they are injured at work. Workers comp can cover lost time at work, recovery costs and medical bills. If a person dies as the result of their injuries, then workers compensation can also cover their funeral costs.

Workers compensation was designed to do the following things:

  • Pay for replacement wages and medical bills
  • Pay for vocational rehabilitation
  • Abide by all of the worker’s compensation laws in the state

All states require companies purchase worker’s compensation insurance as soon as they hire their first employee. Even if an employer is not required to have worker’s compensation, it is still a good idea to get it. The cost of a workplace injury can be substantial.

Employees are responsible for doing whatever they can to keep themselves safe. However, even if an employee is negligent, they may still be able to get workers compensation insurance.

Who is Eligible For Workers Compensation?

People who are full-time employees are eligible for workers compensation. Volunteers, independent contractors, business owners and casual workers are typically not covered by worker’s compensation. An employee can sue an employee if their negligence contributed to their injuries. However, filing for workers compensation prevents an employee from suing.

Employers cannot fire an employee for filing for workers compensation because is against the law. There are limits placed on the amount of worker’s compensation that one can receive. This limit can vary from state to state.

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