What Type of Insurance Does My Non-Profit Need?

Are you the head of a non-profit organization in Alaska? One of the first things you need to be concerned about is making sure that you have the right level of insurance protection. There may be several forms of insurance that you will need to procure. Your best bet is to hire the services of an expert insurance provider to give you valuable aid and counsel in this area.

What Forms of Insurance Does a Non-Profit Require?

A policy of general insurance will protect you against slip and fall incidents. It will enable you to get the coverage you need to handle any damages you are ordered to pay out in this event.

You may also wish to consider buying a policy of property insurance. This will cover all of the classic “Act of God” scenarios, including fire. It will also give you coverage against theft and vandalism.

If you or your employees use company vehicles in the course of your non-profit work, you will need to have a full policy of auto insurance. This will give you coverage in the event of an automobile accident.

Another important policy to consider getting will be Directors and Officers insurance. This will give you valuable coverage in case you or any member of your nonprofit’s board of directors are named in a lawsuit.

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