Business Income for Rental Properties

Insurance is a vital protection for any business that deals in major contracts of any type, and especially in commercial business applications. The rental industry is a prime example, as problems can occur in practically any scenario at any time. This is especially true in remote areas like Alaska where tenants come and go based on the ability to get in and out during certain times of the year. The weather is often difficult to predict and maintaining rental interruption insurance is necessary for many rental operations. This is even true when businesses are locating during the summer, which is actually the most important time to keep rental insurance in Fairbanks. The commercial insurance professionals at Hale & Associates understand these challenges, and they offer policies designed specifically for the Alaska rental insurance needs.

Building Owner Protection

Insurance protection for building owners is a primary need in Alaska, as weather can surely take its toll on all structures within the state. However, we also provide coverage for when tenants find it necessary to vacate a location for any particular reason. Rental Income interruption insurance can help insulate building owner against this loss in cash flow.

Any company in the Fairbanks area needing commercial insurance protection should contact us at Hale & Associates and let us put our experience and knowledge to work for your business.