Non-Profit Insurance

Are you planning to start a nonprofit organization? What you might not have thought about is that your nonprofit organization is considered to be a small business, even if you are not generating a profit. That is the main reason why many nonprofit organizations find that they need to have nonprofit insurance in order to be protected from many cases of legal liability which may arise from a legal claim which results from the activities of a nonprofit. Be sure to consult with Hale & Associates, a trusted insurance broker as you begin to set up your Alaska non-profit insurance to ensure that you are adequately covered. An event of legal liability could cause irreparable financial damage to your nonprofit organization.

How Can A Nonprofit Organization Be Exposed to Liability?

There are many different avenues through which a nonprofit organization can be exposed to legal liability. Legal liability can come in the form of a slip and fall case as a result of negligence. A nonprofit organization might be exposed to legal liability as a result of a person whom accuses the organization of wrongful eviction. A negligent volunteer could fail to adequately supervise a child which could result in harm to the child. These are costly financial scenarios which a nonprofit organization could be exposed to as a result of its day to day operations.

About Us

Not only does Hale & Associates act as a Alaska non-profit insurance broker, the company provides consulting and bonding services. The company dates back to the days of to a legislator who created a business which became the largest private insurance firm in Alaska. The company provides commercial insurance, surety bonds, risk management, and life insurance.