Construction Company? Are You Covered?

Insurance for Your Construction Business

Is your construction company covered on all sides? From local general contractors to national brands, protecting your construction business from risk is a necessity. No matter what size your business is, you need insurance that addresses areas of risk associated with your company. This can include crane, scaffold and excavation safety, construction ergonomics, and more.

Builder’s Risk

This type of insurance covers the materials and items used during construction projects. For example, if you have a fleet of bulldozers, stocks of lumber, and cement mixing machines, you could cover them all under your builder’s risk policy. This protects against any physical loss or damage to your equipment or materials.

Inland Marine

A typical property coverage policy will cover assets located at your business address. However, if you have materials or equipment that you regularly move from place to place, then you need inland and marine insurance. These types of policies can cover any equipment or materials that don’t have a permanent home at your business address.

Pollution Liability

If your business has commercial general insurance or a property insurance coverage, you still might not be protected from pollution liabilities. Pollution liability insurance can include the cost of brown field restoration and cleanup, and also death or injuries caused by pollution.

More To Choose From

These are just a few of the different types of insurance policies that construction businesses might need to protect their operations. Other types of insurance include general liability, worker’s compensation, property, auto, and excess liability insurance. Hale & Associates can help you to select the best coverage for your construction business so that you can operate with peace of mind.